Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Publishing Update for "The Termite Queen"

       I'm still waiting!  The final permission to quote still hasn't arrived!  The publisher specified four to eight weeks to get a response and it will be eight weeks on Monday (I'm writing this on the preceding Wednesday).  Have they lost my request?  Who knows?  I plan to wait until Monday and if nothing has come, then I'll email them again and jack them up a little.  This publisher would have done an expedited permission for an extra $100 fee, but I really didn't expect them to be so  slow.  Now I'm thinking I may have to pay that fee after all, just to get things going.
       What is frustrating is that the first volume of the book is ready to be published.  It's all formatted and I've tinkered a little more with the cover and uploaded the front and back (I think it will look great -- I can't wait to see it printed on nice, glossy, stiff cover paper!)  But I can't upload the text because I'll have to add the permission notice after that's finalized.  Furthermore, I added three chapters from the beginning of the second volume -- it makes for a much more compelling cliff-hanger at the end of v. 1!  And one of those chapters had an epigraph for which I was also trying to get a permission.  It hasn't come either, but I found an equally good bit of public domain material that I can substitute, so I will simply do that if that one fails to arrive in time.  Then if it does arrive too late, I'll just tell them, sorry, I don't need it anymore.
       So I would also have to make that change before uploading the text.  At that point, I'll get  the width of the spine and I'll have to add a spine to the cover upload.  And then at last I can get a proof copy, approve it, and


       By the way, "Monster Is in the Eye of the Beholder" hasn't gone away!  There is a very flattering new review of it on Amazon.  The reviewer headed it "Best New Author I've Encountered in Decades."  Can you believe that?  Maybe anyone reading this should mosey over to Amazon and pick up a copy, either paperback or Kindle, and make up his or her own mind as to whether there is any truth in that!  The link is


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