Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Termite Queen: A Special Thanks and a Progress Report

First, let me way thank you to everyone who bought Kindle copies of "The Termite Queen" during last weekend's 99-cents special!  I do hope you enjoy it!  I also want to thank the two readers who wrote great reviews of the book.    Jack Urquhart is one of those. See the review at Amazon or at Jack's website  http://jaurquhart.com, and while you're there, check out Jack's beautifully written collection entitled "So They Say."  It's excellent literary fiction about the human need for relationships, deepened by the skillful use of symbolism and metaphor.  The other review was written by Dr. Timothy Myles, an entomologist who is a termite expert.  His great website, http://www.utoronto.ca/forest/termite/termite.htm, is the source of much of my information on termites.  But don't click directly on that URL, because the website was taken down after Dr. Myles left the University of Toronto.  But you can still view it in its magnificent entirety at http://www.archive.org  -- the Internet Archive.  Just click on that last URL, paste the Toronto URL into the Wayback area, and check it out.  Or better yet -- I'll give you a direct link: http://bit.ly/HhTZpY  Dr. Myles is also a great mushroom photographer; you'll be fascinated by his photos at http://bit.ly/H8BmT4  Thanks to both Jack Urquhart and Timothy Myles for reading my novel and really liking it!

Second, a progress report on Volume Two.  I'm within four chapters of finishing the formatting of the text, although I may want to do a little more proofreading.  But the cover still dawdles.  I've completed the array of Warriors and I'm working on adding more characters to the group around the entrance.  And if I don't stop all this blogging and email socializing and tweeting, I may never get it done!  So that'll be all for now!

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