Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Post on Posts 2: What Deserves Another Look

       Since I wrote the first "Post on Posts" on August 1, the item on formatting with CreateSpace has jumped from 101 views to 114! Hyphenation in CreateSpace seems to  be a popular search topic this week, and I'm also getting hits for Smashwords problems.

       However, what I want to talk about today is some of the disappointments.    What I call my Nostalgia posts (reminiscences about some elements of family history) fell flat. Only "My Grandmother's Indian Head" (24 views just since July 18) attracted any attention (and also some of the more mystifying search terms.  When people searched "plaster Indian busts," "bust of skin cote," and "1800s Indian head plaster bust," was it simply a generic search or were they looking for my post?  Awfully specific terms!)  I'm glad people enjoyed that one!  But you might also enjoy the Christmas post on my mother's Christmas card collection (7 views) and the later one I wrote on my mother's experiences teaching out on the Colorado prairie during the 1930s Dust Bowl (11 views).
      The lesser-viewed posts include some of the topics that are the most important to me. The posts on the use of epigraphs and poetry in literature have been duds. Please do give them a try if you have any interest at all in poetry: The Use of Epigraphs in Literature (16 views), and Of Poetry and Epigraphs, Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 (15 and 9 views respectively).
       My biggest disappointment is that very few people have taken an interest in the Mythmaker philosophy that underlies the 30th century ethic. I promised that I would elaborate, but I haven't done that yet because one cannot lightly toss off a piece of this depth.  That one post has gotten up to 17 views, however, and I encourage people to read my Future History and then give the Precepts a look.  They are intended to make you think.
       I was pleased to find that I've had 9 page views in the last week on my discussion of why Evangeline Walton is important to me, which brings all-time views to 23.  I attribute this to an exchange about the Mabinogion that I had on someone else's blog, namely, Pechorin's Journal, which is one of the best literary book review blogs I've found.  
       Another disappointment is "You Say Alien and I Say Extraterrestrial. Plus a Follow-up on "My Future History" -- a measly 4 views of what is an interesting, debatable, and even controversial subject. Maybe the fact it came right before Christmas played a part in that. It includes my opinion on the illegal "alien" debate. 
       The earlier posts, such as What Are the Termite People Really Like? (only 8 views), Why Do I Write about Termites? (6 views), and the sequence of three posts beginning with An Introduction to My Non-Termite ETs ...  (8, 6, and 18 views respectively) are certainly worthy of more interest, and I would hope that this summary might send some of you back to them!  Those posts are quite important for a clear understanding of all my books, should you ultimately decide to read them!

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