Wednesday, October 21, 2015

TermiteWriter Is Being Interviewed on Internet Radio!

Annette Rochelle Aben kindly invited me to be interviewed on her program "Tell Me a Story" on the internet radio channel "The Magic Happens."  The interview will be live at 1:30 pm EDT, or you can access the Archive after the program airs.  Here's the URL for both the live broadcast and the Archive:

There is also a Facebook event running simultaneously.  The URL for this is 

I've made the ebooks of both volumes of The Termite Queen and 
v.1 of The Labors of Ki'shto'ba Huge-Head (The War of the Stolen Mother)
only 99 cents
at both Amazon and Smashwords from today through Oct. 25!
So you have no excuse not to get acquainted with my writings!

Here are links for all Amazon outlets for the three books:
The Termite Queen, v.1:
The Termite Queen, v.2:
The War of the Stolen Mother:

I hope you'll join Annette and me!  I'll try hard not to bore you!

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