Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Bright, Shiny New Review of Children of the Music!

Thanks to Christopher Graham (The Story Reading Ape) I have my first review (5 star) of Children of the Music!  Read the review below. (And go to the Map page in the list of Pages above and print or download any of the material, which appears only in the paperback edition.)

Having read all this author's previous books, I found this realistic fantasy story (a departure from her highly enjoyable science fiction series about Intelligent Termites), to be every bit as compelling and engrossing.
As with her previous stories, the author's worldbuilding skills made it easy for me to get immersed and alongside the characters in no time, even through the 300 year span covered in the book.
An insight into what can (and often does) happen when two differing peoples meet.
In this case, they have physical, belief and mindset differences.
Injustice is rife.
Fear is mutual.

Back cover, with map for Part Two

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