Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Publishing Update

       I'll now announce something most of you already know: "The Termite Queen: Volume Two: The Wound That Has No Healing" has been published in paperback on CreateSpace.  It's available only on Amazon at the moment, but I'm hoping that after it appears on Barnes & Noble, a set of the two volumes together will be a real bargain over Amazon, because the two will cost approximately $34.00 on Amazon (that's without shipping chgs) and ought to come to about $25.00 on B & N (Volume One is $10.43 right now, and if your B & N order comes to $25.00 or over you get free shipping.)  I'll keep everybody informed about that -- watch for updates in the sidebar text.
       However, it's still necessary to read v.1 first, because it really is a single story in two volumes, not a discrete novel with a sequel.  I've finally been able to re-publish the Kindle and Smashwords versions of Volume One with the proper Graves epigraphs included.  And Smashwords now has no "autovetting" errors, so it ought to qualify for the Premium list.  That would mean it would appear on B & N for Nook, and on the websites for other e-readers like Kobo (and can still be purchased through the Smashwords store).  The Smashwords versions will never be as good as the Kindle, because some of the symbols of the Bird language will show only as question marks (we lose Prf. A'a'ma's charming warbles, alas), but still, the text is all there.
       And I'm working on getting Volume Two ready for Kindle and (simultaneously this time) for Smashwords.  I should probably have those available by this weekend.  Then those of you who prefer the e-version will be able to buy both volumes at the same time if you wish!
       And now I'd better get back to working on that formatting so I can meet that deadline!

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