Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Worker Termite Face

Note at 10/25/12: People seem to really like this picture! If you want more go here, where I just posted a whole bunch more microphotographs of termites. 

I was moved to put this picture on my blog after viewing Trick Slattery's "Termite Rider" drawing at
Way back when I was doing termite research, I ran into the picture below and I found somebody who had made a T-shirt with this very image on it.  Naturally, I had to order one.  It was one of those, "so ugly it's cute" moments!  (Note the moniliform [beadlike] antennae.)


  1. Nice lil' critter :) Now I see the mouth you are talking about.

  2. your book on my Kindle. Have a few other things in my reading queue ahead of it but plan on getting to it soon. Looks fun.

  3. Great! Thanks, Trick! I hope you enjoy it! I also have a reading queue, but unfortunately I'm so involved in getting Volume Two of The Termite Queen ready to publish that I don't have time to read much.

  4. Amazing microscopic photo of termite's face. Unbelievably dangerous looking. Thanks for sharing this nice one. (y)

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    1. I think it's kinda cute! LOL Thanks for stopping by! I never reject a comment from a pest control company! Try reading some of my SF with the giant intelligent termites!