Monday, March 11, 2013

New Review of "Monster Is in the Eye of the Beholder" - Plus Another Publishing Update

       I just received my seventh review of my novella on Amazon Kindle, plus an additional one on the paperback version, and still others on Smashwords.  This one is a 5-star and it's by Vanessa Chapman, one of the Limebirds.  I'm re-posting it here because I think some of you might like to read it:
"I literally said 'Wow' out loud when I finished this book! Before I started it I had thought it was going to be a bit hard going, but it wasn't at all, it was very readable. I sat down on a Sunday afternoon thinking I would make a start reading the first few pages, but as it turned out I couldn't put it down and read it in one sitting. It's shocking and compelling, and has a moral message, but it's one that feels incidental rather than the story being contrived to bring out the moral point.
"I've never read anything quite like this and it's not a story I'm going to forget in a hurry."
       See, I keep telling people my books are worth reading, but who pays any attention to an author's brags?  LOL  If you want to read "Monster" or any of my other books, go to Amazon or to Smashwords.  It's only $1.99 for the e-books or $5.49 for the paperback, where you'll get that striking cover as a bonus (looks much better in print than in e-format).
       Also, I want to report that I finished the upload of The Storm-Wing on CreateSpace and ordered my proof copy.  It won't arrive until Mar. 19 (CS is slow as molasses), but I'll begin working on the e-book formatting in the meantime.
       My computer seems to be working fine.  I canceled the repair man.  He said my problems sounded more like internet than computer, anyway.  But today is also the day I get rid of my car!  Woe!  I'll be a little nostalgic for a while and it's going to be a shock to look out into the garage and see nothing there, but I'll get used to it. 


  1. Just to clarify - the reason I said that I had thought it was going to be a bit hard going is because I don't generally read sci-fi, and I was a bit worried that this one might be for real geeky hardcore sci-fi fans, but as I said, I found it very readable. I'm sure it would appeal to both hardcore sci-fi fans and non-ones (non-ones?) like me!

    I'm looking forward to reading the Termite Queen now!

    Perhaps I could interview you on my blog sometime if you would like to help spread the word about your books? Now that you've passed the test of me liking your writing ;)

    1. Vanessa, I would love an interview! Do you have my e-mail address if you want to communicate further? If you don't, message me on Twitter.
      I dislike geeky hardcore sci-fi myself and I do not write it. My books have been called literary science fiction and compared to Ursula K. LeGuin and Mary Doria Russell. I think you'll enjoy The Termite Queen. It's very long, of course, but then I had one comment on Smashwords about "Monster" that it was too short! But I think it was just the right length for what I wanted to do. It grew out of a dream - I've written about that elsewhere.
      Re "passing the test" - yes, that's part of the self-publishing problem, isn't it? Getting people to actually try reading your books - breaking through that skin of inertia and that lack of time.

    2. I'm having trouble replying to this comment, it keeps rejecting it, but anyway, I've tweeted you my email address as you've probably seen by now! Let's see if it accepts it this time...

    3. Commenting can really be infuriating! I've tried to make commenting on my blogs as easy as possible (no Capcha stuff), so I don't know what goes wrong. I've been having all kinds of trouble with WordPress lately. Since I'm on Blogger, I never have any trouble with that.