Monday, March 12, 2012

Big News! TQ Has Been Published!

I got the proof copy and approved it within half an hour!  It's be-yoo-tiful!  Everything is exactly the way I entered it!  My little drawing of Ki'shto'ba on the t.p. is perfect!  Add just the right fillup!  It will be my logo from now on!

The book is available now at CreateSpace e-Store, but I suggest waiting till it appears on Amazon (in 3-5 days, but keep checking - I seem to recall "Monster" appeared sooner than that).  The price is $14.49.  I wish it could be less, but $14.23 is the minimum price that they would let me charge.  But that's not too bad for this size of book - and you get my striking cover, not a dim replica like on an ebook. 

Hope you buy, and enjoy!  It won't be too long before v. 2 comes out.

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