Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Help me get Chapter 12 to print correctly!

       I've had a big learning curve the last few days.  In trying to set up my new conlang blog from the Language Creation Society, I found it wouldn't take the link symbols for the Shshi language.  Then after some consultation with others, I was horrified to learn that, while I could see the symbols on my computer, to everybody else on other computers, they came out as upper case alphabetic characters.  This must have really confused people trying to read sample Chapter 12, where Kaitrin talks to the Committee and we first see Ti'shra's death speech in the Shshi language.
       I think between my conlanger connections and some experimentation I have a way to fix this.  I have now fixed Chapter 12 -- I hope.  You should be able to see the following symbols scattered through Ti'shra's speech:  ↳↺⇄⇅  If you still see letters, please leave a note in a Comment or tweet me at @TermiteWriter.

P.S.  I now have been told that I have corrected Chapter 12 so that it looks the way it's supposed to.  I'm wondering if Mac users saw the alphabetic substitutions and the Windows users saw it correctly in its original form.  Seems it might be so.


  1. For what is worth, it looks OK on Linux too. I see the arrows.

  2. Thanks,Christophe! Glad to know it works with Linux!